The Brunswick Veterans Day Parade is just around the corner and so it is now again time to request for volunteers who want to join a group we are putting together to be in the parade itself.

November 11 2018 at 10AM in Brunswick MD

If you are interested in being in the parade, please message me directly providing me with the following information:

– Type of Vehicle (i.e. Make and Model)
– Number of passengers
– email address

As we draw closer to the date of the parade, the email address will be used to coordinate the days events with those participating in the parade.

Of note, vehicles do not have to be street legal to participate in this parade and thus we do invite those with buggies (both rock crawlers and dune buggies) to join us as well. We will have a location where you will be able to stage your tow vehicle and trailer.

You can message Jobby and RSVP on the event page:

This is a non-club event but several members do go every year. This event is put together by our friends at Chaos Offroad.