As a part of our ever growing conservation efforts Virginia Xterra Club is hosting a fundraiser and item drop off drive to donate to the wildland fire fighters in Shenandoah National Forest. As it stands a fire is currently raging in the forest and consuming up to 1000 acres of forest a day. Over 5000K acres have already burned. VAXC is thankful to the 300+ wildland firefighters on scene combating the blaze and has contacted Grottoes Fire Department (the command department for this fire) to provide relief as we are able. This includes donations that will go towards buying needed supplies and item drop off points. The items needed include:

Moist towelettes
Paper towels
Sandwich size ziplock baggies
Single serve potato chips
Granola bars
Peanut butter (single cups)
Slim jims

Due to the drop off locations being at the personal houses of two of our members we ask that anyone interested in dropping off items please contact the appropriate representatives on our Facebook Post to receive the address and give notification of your intent to show up. If you cannot access this page feel free to email us and we will put you in contact with one of those representatives.